faros is slim and light and has a footprint of only 55x55cm. You choose whether to use it as simply a phaco device or as a combined device for anterior and posterior segment surgery. Upgrading is possible at any time.

Oertli only markets devices that have been tested and proven for a long time, and have been developed by Oertli itself:

  • Best Practice Fluidics with True Flow Control
  • easyPhaco®Technology
  • NovitreX® posterior segment technology with Goodlight LED, Twinac Highspeed Vitrectomy and autoseal
  • one step PMS

Embedded and firmware components instead of PC control faros offers the latest operation techniques:

easyPhaco®, 1.6mm MICS, 23G and 25G transconjunctival ppV, vitrectomy with real foot control, diathermic STT and IDK glaucoma surgery.

Oertli believes in clear, well thought out concepts, based on physics. Therefore faros unites the most cutting-edge operation technique with extremely high reliability. more


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