The only eye examination device you need.

Fast and Easy to handle. Works on small pupils. Requires no dilation. Works under any light condition. Allows you to spot abnormalities in their early stages. And much, much more.

  • No dilation required:
    Optimize your customer’s experience and
    maintain your post-exams dispensing opportunities.
  • Works on very small pupils:
    The EasyScan allows you to image
    small pupils, as far down as 1.5mm diameter.
  • No darkened room required:
    You won’t need to bring your customers to the backroom anymore. Display your skills & expertise in your store.

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Tavana Abzar Parto (TAP-Medicals)

Exclusive Distributor of EasyScan products in Iran


توانا ابزار پرتو
توانا ابزار پرتو
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